Telegram's Trading Bot Lost $600K

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💰 Solana Gains Momentum Amid $100M Inflows

🇪🇸 Spain Plans to Implement MiCA ASAP

🤖 Telegram’s Trading Bot Faced Approval Vulnerability

Ledger is launching the second season of its "School of Block" educational platform within The Sandbox metaverse.

The program is intended to educate users on cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and Web3. Central to this is "The LedgerVerse", a space dedicated to community engagement and cryptocurrency education. In other news, Nomura and its subsidiary, Laser Digital, have unveiled a Japanese botanical garden experience in The Sandbox, offering user interactions and tasks such as bonsai tree cultivation. The rise of the metaverse presents opportunities for financial institutions, with the Asian market, particularly Japan, still highly engaged.

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed over $100 million in weekly inflows, with 21Shares Solana Staking ETP (ASOL) emerging as a standout, placing second in monthly flows.

Solana's recent price trajectory and trading volume indicate significant momentum and potential. Meanwhile, Marinade Finance, a leading DeFi platform on Solana, has blocked UK users due to concerns about the UK FCA’s regulations. Other cryptocurrency platforms, including Binance and PayPal, have also restricted their services in the UK, following the introduction of the Financial Promotions (FinProm) Regime by the FCA.

Spain's Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation announced the national implementation of the MiCA Act by December 2025, six months ahead of the EU's general deadline.

Spain aims to reduce the transitional period from 36 months to 18 months to offer enhanced legal protection for its crypto investors. Furthermore, prominent international crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and have received regulatory approvals in Spain. Additionally, Banco de España, the country's central bank, has highlighted the potential benefits of a digital euro, emphasizing the limitations of physical cash in a rapidly digitizing economy.

Unibot encountered an approval vulnerability leading to a token loss valued at over $600,000.

This was due to a "token approval exploit" in a newly deployed contract, causing the loss of multiple user-owned meme coins. In response, the firm temporarily halted its router and pledged to compensate any losses. Security firm PeckShield discovered the exploit, noting that the attacker converted the stolen tokens into approximately 355.75 ETH, equivalent to around $640,000. The UNIBOT token's value dropped by nearly 30%, and the company plans to release a comprehensive update after concluding their investigation.

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