Saylor Plans To Sell $216 Million in MicroStrategy Stock!

Michael Saylor intends to sell up to 400,000 shares between January and April of this year.

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🪙 MicroStartegy’s Major Shift: Saylor Sells $216 Million in Shares

👑 Ethereum Dethroned by Solana’s Record-Breaking NFT Sales

🚫 Spot Bitcoin ETFs Could be Rejected if the SEC Wants ‘More Time’ - Analyst

🛍️ Etherscan Acquires Solana Block Explorer Solscan Amid SOL Rally

Saylor intends to sell up to 400,000 shares between January and April of this year.

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy Inc., revealed that he is about to sell $216 million worth of his company shares. This move is particularly noteworthy considering MicroStrategy's reputation as a major Bitcoin investor and its status as the largest publicly-traded holder of the cryptocurrency. Saylor has been instrumental in incorporating Bitcoin into MicroStrategy's corporate strategy. It is thus only natural for people to speculate if the co-founder sold his shares to stock up on BTC as the predicted Spot Bitcoin ETF approval deadline approaches.

Solana’s NFT sales totaled $366.5 million in December of 2023, causing it to outperform Ethereum in monthly NFT sales for the very first time.

Solana surpassed Ethereum in NFT sales for December of 2023. Solana's NFT sales totaled approximately $366.5 million, exceeding Ethereum's $353.2 million. This surge is attributed to Solana's substantially higher number of unique buyers and sellers, with about 218,000 sellers and 279,000 buyers engaging in nearly 6.6 million transactions, compared to Ethereum's 114,000 sellers and 143,000 buyers in 698,000 transactions. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Ordinals emerged as a major player, generating a remarkable $881.2 million in trading volume across over 493,000 transactions, outperforming both Ethereum and Solana combined.

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas stated that although it is improbable, there still remains a slight possibility that the SEC could execute what he calls the "rug pull of the decade."

Eric Balchunas, along with his colleague James Seyffart, estimates a high 90% likelihood of approval for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by Jan. 10. However, Balchunas suggests that if the ETF is rejected this month, it would likely be due to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) needing more time, rather than an outright denial. Echoing a similar sentiment, Vetle Lunde, an analyst from K33 Research, also views the probability of an ETF rejection as low, placing it at just 5% in his market report from Jan. 2.

Etherscan described its acquisition of Solscan as a "collaborative merging," aimed at expanding its blockchain data services.

On Jan. 3, Etherscan officially announced its acquisition of Solscan, a leading block explorer for the Solana ecosystem. Solscan offers a range of features similar to Etherscan, like detailed data on addresses, tokens, transactions, APIs, dashboards, and nonfungible token (NFT) metadata. Post-acquisition, Etherscan aims to maintain its commitment to providing "credibly neutral and equitable access to blockchain data." Additionally, the company plans to integrate new features across various explorers and enhance support, further expanding its service capabilities in the blockchain data sector.


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