What does Ronaldinho have to do with crypto?

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Happy September 1st!!

We've kicked off a new month, and speaking of kicks, football legend Ronaldinho has decided to play defense by denying involvement in a multi-million dollar crypto scam. Let’s see if we can score some goals without any penalties! ⚽

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🙈 Blockchain YouTuber loses $60K during a livestream

⚽️ Ronaldinho denies involvement in $61M crypto scam

🙄 SEC delays decision on 7 Bitcoin ETF applications

The recent collaboration between Chainlink and SWIFT showcased the potential of blockchain-based tokenization and the critical role of Chainlink's technology in achieving interoperability.

Although this development did not significantly impact the price of Chainlink's native token (LINK), it holds immense potential for the future as major banks express interest in Swift-backed tokenization initiatives. The experiment demonstrated Chainlink's capacity to bridge the gap between disparate blockchain networks, enhancing connectivity and facilitating the seamless exchange of assets and information.

Brazilian YouTuber Ivan Bianco, who runs the blockchain gaming-focused channel Fraternidade Crypto, accidentally revealed his crypto wallets' seed phrases during a livestream, leading to the theft of nearly $60,000 worth of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Bianco shared that an unknown individual took control of his wallets and stole the funds but later returned the majority of them, expressing regret for his actions. Although some fans questioned the legitimacy of the events, Bianco confirmed that about $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency was returned to him. He has also filed a police report, and while he has learned the identity of the thief who returned the funds, he has chosen not to disclose it.

Retired pro soccer star Ronaldinho Gaúcho has denied involvement in an alleged $61 million crypto pyramid scheme, "18kRonaldinho," during a congressional hearing in Brazil.

He claimed he never partnered with the company, and they used his name and image without his authorization. During the hearing, images from the scheme's marketing, featuring Ronaldinho, were shown, but he argued they were taken from a contract he had signed with a subsidiary company that sells watches. The inquiry's president, Aureo Ribeiro, asked Ronaldinho about reimbursing investors and the $61 million lawsuit, but Ronaldinho chose to remain silent.

The SEC has decided to delay its decision on seven Bitcoin ETF applications, prompting mixed reactions from crypto influencers.

While some, like Bloomberg’s James Seyffart, expected the delay, others, such as The Bitcoin Therapist, warned that the delay could backfire on the SEC, predicting a series of events leading to nationwide adoption of Bitcoin. Scott Melker questioned who might have known about the delay in advance and sold Bitcoin before the news. The delay came despite a recent court ruling that the SEC's basis for rejecting Grayscale's Bitcoin ETF application was not valid. Grayscale's Chief Legal Officer, Craig Salm, criticized the SEC for the perceived slowness in announcing the delays.


source: Reddit/Cryptocurrency Memes

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