Is Ripple going public?

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Diving deep into today's web3 currents:

🦄 Perpetual Futures by Coinbase

🛡️ EU Watchdogs Seek Enhanced Privacy for Digital Euro

🎢 Solana TVL Dips: Lido Finance Announces Exit

🚀 Ripple Job Posting Sparks IPO Speculation

Coinbase has introduced perpetual futures contracts for its global retail customers, excluding those in the US and UK.

These contracts, available for major cryptocurrencies, are settled in USDC, a stablecoin. Distinctively, perpetual futures don't expire, allowing traders to speculate on crypto price movements indefinitely. Offered on the Coinbase Advanced platform, these futures provide up to 5x leverage (3x for XRP) and come with an initial 0% maker fee and a 0.03% taker fee. Ensuring security, Coinbase maintains a 1:1 asset ratio and provides an insurance fund.

The European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor have provided their joint opinion on the proposed regulation concerning the ECB digital euro.

While they appreciate measures to minimize the processing of personal data, especially in offline scenarios, they recommend clearer data protection standards. Their suggestions include processing only the essential personal data, avoiding excessive centralization by the ECB or national banks, and clarifying unique identifiers. The institutions also propose a “privacy threshold” to prevent tracking of low-value transactions and stress the importance of embedding data protection mechanisms from the digital currency's design stage.

Solana faced a significant decline in its Total Value Locked, dropping by $100 million in one day.

This downfall coincided with Lido Finance's decision to depart from the Solana blockchain. Simultaneously, the FTX estate staked over 5.5 million SOL, showcasing a bullish stance on Solana. Lido Finance's departure was a community-backed decision after evaluating challenges presented by P2P Validator. This series of events has sparked discussions and speculation within the cryptocurrency community regarding Solana's future trajectory.

Ripple recently listed a job position for a shareholder communications senior manager across various locations.

This posting has spurred speculations within the cryptocurrency community about Ripple's intentions to go public. The role involves tasks typically associated with a company preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), such as communication with shareholders, and preparing investor-focused materials. While there's been chatter within the XRP and pro-Ripple communities about an impending IPO, the company's executives have not specified any timeline.

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