Some Mods dumped MOON tokens before Reddit's announcement

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Diving deep into today's web3 currents:

🧸 Funko Launches New NFT-Based Toys

🔥 SHIB Experiences 283% Surge in Burn Rate

💸 No More Direct USD Withdrawals for American Customers

🌟 Top DEX Player Opts Out Of Trading Fees

Renowned toy company is introducing a new set of NFTs based on the movie "Back to the Future."

This digital collection comprises 45,000 NFTs, including popular characters like Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. The NFTs are distributed in two packs: Standard and Premium, priced at $9.99 and $29.99, respectively. Additionally, by collecting certain sets of these NFTs, enthusiasts can redeem them for physical collectibles. This NFT launch is the latest in Funko's series of digital collections, following their previous releases inspired by movies and cartoons.

Shibarium has seen a significant staking of 26 million BONE tokens, marking it as a major player in the blockchain sector.

Leading validators such as Unification, ShibArmy Asia, and ShibArmy Africa have maintained 100% uptime, ensuring the platform's stability. On another note, SHIB cryptocurrency has experienced a 283% surge in its burn rate, resulting in over 55 million tokens sent to dead wallets recently. This burning has been highly decentralized, with multiple wallets participating. This activity aligns with a broader bullish trend in the crypto market.

Binance.US recently amended its terms of service, discontinuing direct USD withdrawals.

This alteration mainly impacts the "BAM Fiat Wallet", which pertains to U.S. dollar custody. Users now need to convert USD holdings into cryptocurrencies or stablecoins before withdrawals. Binance.US had previously suspended USD operations and has faced challenges with fiat support due to regulatory constraints. Simultaneously, Binance has decided to stop registering new UK customers following the UK's tightened regulations on cryptocurrency promotions.

dYdX has transitioned to a public benefit corporation and announced that it will not earn trading fee revenue from its upcoming v4 platform.

Antonio Juliano, dYdX's founder and CEO, emphasized the company's commitment to aligning with the community. The news comes after its competitor Uniswap revealed plans to charge a 0.15% fee on certain token swaps. Although dYdX's new platform will not generate trading fee revenue, earlier versions like v3 will continue to do so. The v4 platform, currently on testnet, will launch soon on dYdX's Cosmos-based blockchain, dYdX Chain.

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