PEPE Perpetual Futures to Launch on Coinbase!

Starting Apr. 18, PEPE futures trading will be available on Coinbase International and Coinbase Advanced.

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Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Coinbase to Launch Perpetual Futures for PEPE

  • GBTC Fees will Drop when Bitcoin ETFs ‘Start to Mature’ - Grayscale CEO

  • Sam Bankman-Fried Files to Appeal Conviction and Sentence

  • Robert Kiyosaki Concurs with Cathie Wood’s $2.3M Bitcoin Prediction

Starting Apr. 18, Pepe (PEPE) futures trading will be available on both Coinbase International and Coinbase Advanced platforms.

  • PEPE's value surged almost 10% immediately after the announcement of its futures trading on Coinbase, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

  • Coinbase has been rather hesitant to list PEPE due to its links with controversial symbols. However, it seems like the exchange’s decision changed due to market demand and the popularity of meme coins.

  • PEPE is currently ranked as the fourth largest meme coin with its market cap sitting at around $3 billion.

Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF, which has the highest fees among all U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs, will reduce its fees once the products begin to mature.

  • CEO Michael Sonnenshein commented at Canaccord Genuity’s Digital Assets Symposium that markets often react excitedly when new products like the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust offer initial access to assets.

  • Sonnenshein believes that Bitcoin is still in the early phase of market adoption, but expects the market to consolidate as investors focus on fewer products over time.

  • As the market matures, Sonnenshein promised fee reductions for GBTC, which could suggest that the initial stage of Bitcoin spot ETF adoption is coming to a close.

The appeal notice was submitted electronically on Apr. 11, almost two weeks after SBF was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

  • On Apr. 11, attorney Alexandra Shapiro filed a notice in the Southern District of New York, stating that former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried wants to appeal his conviction of seven felony counts and his 25-year federal prison sentence given by Judge Lewis Kaplan.

  • Additionally, on Apr. 8, Bankman-Fried's legal team requested that he be allowed to stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn during his appeal, rather than being transferred to a federal prison in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • The legal troubles for Bankman-Fried and his associates began in November of 2022 after FTX faced liquidity problems and declared bankruptcy.

Robert Kiyosaki has voiced his agreement with a Bitcoin (BTC) prediction that Cathie Wood’s asset management firm Ark Invest made earlier this year.

  • According to Kiyosaki, he supports Cathie Wood’s prediction that Bitcoin could potentially reach $2.3 million because he trusts Wood's intelligence.

  • While Kiyosaki agrees with Ark's analysis, he still acknowledges that their predictions could be incorrect.

  • Nevertheless, Kiyosaki seems convinced that BTC could reach $2.3 million, and advised his followers to 'live dangerously' and invest in at least a small amount of Bitcoin.



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