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Kiyosaki's Bold Prediction: Bitcoin to Skyrocket to $135,000!

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Diving deep into today's web3 currents:

🐳 Ethereum Whales' Unprecedented Accumulation Fuels Bullish Hopes

💰 Kiyosaki's Battle Cry: Ditch Cash, Embrace Gold, Silver, Bitcoin!

💹 Terra's USTC Skyrockets 157%: Price Surge Explained!

💡 Madison Metals Unveils Uranium-Backed Tokens on Uniswap!

Ethereum whales have initiated an extraordinary nine-day accumulation, attracting attention in the crypto community.

Renowned analyst Ali's observation of this rare trend has sparked optimism for a bullish run in Ethereum's price. On-chain data from Santiment indicates large whale addresses now control over 30% more ETH than a year ago, consolidating holdings. The 200 largest Ethereum wallets collectively possess 62.76 million ETH, a 30.3% increase since Nov. 21, 2022, solidifying their grip on 52% of the circulating supply. The surge in Ethereum wallet activity, including 94,700 new wallets on Nov. 21, suggests growing interest and price fluctuations are monitored, with Ethereum at $2,076.

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, famed for "Rich Dad Poor Dad," urges followers to shift from traditional currencies to alternative assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin amid record-breaking gold prices.

Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin could reach $135,000. Meanwhile, Bitcoin mining difficulty hits a historic high, reaching 67.96 T at block height 818496, and the average hash rate soars to 504.80 EH/s. The climb in mining difficulty, indicative of the network's robustness, aligns with Bitcoin's upward hash rate trajectory throughout 2023, reinforcing its security. The upcoming halving event, approximately five months away, adds anticipation, historically associated with increased Bitcoin prices.

Terra Classic USD (USTC) experienced an impressive 157.97% surge in 24 hours, reaching $0.04078, with increased trading volume, while Terra Classic (LUNC) saw a 21% price rise.

These gains are attributed to Terra's recent developments, including plans to integrate the FeeShare module, rewarding contributors to the network. Terraform Labs injects $15 million to enhance liquidity for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum on decentralized exchanges. Despite positive developments, Terra's founder, Do Kwon, faces ongoing legal battles with the U.S. SEC and legal challenges in multiple jurisdictions.

Toronto-based Madison Metals, in collaboration with Sanmiguel Capital Investment, introduces a pioneering initiative, the Uranium3o8 ($U) project.

This initiative aims to offer uranium-backed tokens, available on Uniswap, providing investors access to a new asset class linked to the radioactive metal. Uranium3o8 seeks to establish the first-ever spot market for uranium, enhancing market efficiency and liquidity. Each $U token represents one pound of real-world uranium, requiring a minimum of 20,000 tokens for acquisition, with Madison Metals handling delivery and burning tokens upon completion.

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