Experts Predict BTC Could Hit $1M!

Samson Mow, Arthur Hayes, and Jan van Eck all share a bullish outlook on BTC's future.

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💰️ The Road to $1 Million: Experts Weigh In on BTC’s Future

🌎️ SHIB’s Lead Developer Reveals Global Domination and Token Burn Plan

💸 FTX Loses $53K Every Hour on ‘Bankruptcy Fees’, Latest Filings Show

🙅‍♂️ Cardano Founder Denounces XRP Community’s “Harassment”

Multiple big names in the crypto industry predicted that BTC could hit $1 million soon, but there may still be challenges ahead.

Several big names in the cryptocurrency space, including Samson Mow, Arthur Hayes, and Jan van Eck, share a bullish outlook on BTC's future. They believe that the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF has the potential to trigger a rapid and explosive increase in BTC's value due to an influx of institutional capital. Arthur Hayes goes further to suggest that a $1 million price for Bitcoin could transform it into a global standard. Meanwhile, Jan van Eck expressed strong confidence in Bitcoin's status as a leading store of value.

Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous chief developer behind Shiba Inu, revealed an ambitious strategy geared towards promoting worldwide adoption and burning billions of SHIB tokens.

Shytoshi Kusama stated that a huge aspect of his plan, which revolves around the burning of a massive amount of SHIB tokens. Although the burning process is ongoing, Kusama reassured the community that "billions of SHIB prepare for roasting." Kusama views token burns as a crucial element in achieving the project's long-term objectives, but he underscores that only widespread global adoption can generate substantial burns that significantly affect the SHIB token's price.

From August to October, the bankrupt crypto exchange racked up a whopping $118 million in legal and advisory fees, dishing out a cool $1.3 million every day.

The largest bill, amounting to $35.8 million, was presented by management consulting firm Alvarez and Marshall for their services over a three-month period. Following closely behind, global law firm Sullivan & Cromwell billed $31.8 million, with an average hourly rate of $1,230. These legal fees came to light in figures shared by an anonymous FTX creditor in a post on X made Dec. 17. These figures indicate that the total legal fees paid thus far in the FTX bankruptcy proceedings have reached approximately $350 million.

Charles Hoskinson, the visionary behind Cardano, has once again ignited controversy by expressing his criticism of the XRP community.

A year ago, Charles Hoskinson attracted a lot of attention by delivering a straightforward critique of the XRP community, describing it as "toxic and petty" and stating, "I can live without it." This candid assessment effectively closed the door on any potential partnership or technical collaboration between Cardano and XRP. Ripple's David Schwartz attempted to prompt a reconsideration of these remarks, but Hoskinson was not at all interested in doing so. Considering his latest comments, it is evident that Hoskinson's stance on this matter has remained unchanged.


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