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  • Ether ETFs the Catalyst for Ethereum's Superiority Over Bitcoin?

Ether ETFs the Catalyst for Ethereum's Superiority Over Bitcoin?

K33 Research analysts predict that Spot Ether ETFs could boost ETH's performance against Bitcoin.

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Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Ethereum Predicted to Outperform Bitcoin After Spot Ether ETFs Launch

  • Bitcoin Could Hit $100K by November, Says Standard Chartered

  • Kamala Harris’ Odds of Winning Democratic Nomination Surge on Polymarket

  • Sydney Sweeney’s X Account Hacked to Promote Crypto Memecoin

K33 Research predicts that Spot Ether ETFs could boost ETH's performance against Bitcoin.

  • The anticipated launch of spot Ether ETFs in the U.S. is expected to have such a positive impact on ETH's performance that analysts predict it could potentially outperform Bitcoin in the weeks after their launch.

  • Vetle Lunde and David Zimmerman are convinced that these ETFs will be a massive opportunity for ETH's price, while Bitcoin faces potential selling pressure due to the return of $8.5 billion to creditors of the defunct exchange Mt. Gox.

  • Although ETH might initially falter post-ETF launch, analysts predict that subsequent inflows into these ETFs will likely lead to an impressive increase in ETH's price.

Standard Chartered predicts BTC could reach a new all-time high in August and hit $100,000 by the U.S. presidential election.

  • Standard Chartered Bank's head of forex and digital assets research, Geoffrey Kendrick, predicts a new all-time high for Bitcoin in August and $100,000 by November.

  • Kendrick's forecast is tightly linked to the U.S. presidential election, assuming Joe Biden remains in the race, which markets see as a good sign for a Trump victory.

  • Kendrick considers Donald Trump "bitcoin-positive," and even suggests there is a positive correlation between Trump's electoral chances and Bitcoin's price.

Supporters are calling on the vice president to step up after Biden's debate debacle.

  • On Tuesday, Kamala Harris' odds of becoming the Democratic nominee for president more than quadrupled to 31% on Polymarket, a crypto-based prediction market platform.

  • "Yes" shares in a contract asking whether Harris will get the nod traded as high as 31 cents, indicating that the market saw a 31% chance it will actually happen, up from 7% earlier in the day.

  • Despite President Joe Biden still being the presumptive nominee, some supporters are urging him to step aside in favor of Harris after his weak performance at last week's debate.

The X account of American actress Sydney Sweeney was hacked to promote a crypto token in an apparent pump-and-dump scheme.

  • The Solana-based token SWEENEY reached over $10 million in trading volume in just two hours after its launch on July 2.

  • A Telegram channel linked to the token, shared on Sweeney’s X account, took credit for the hack.

  • In now-deleted posts, the channel's administrator also claimed responsibility for recent hacks on 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan's X accounts, which were used to promote fake tokens as well.



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