End of Year Exploits Continue With Ledger Hack!

Hackers secured $400K+ in Christmas bonuses after a malicious exploit on Ledger

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💻️ End of Year Exploits Continue: Ledger the Latest Victim

⌚️ Binance’s Philippines Ban Looms as SEC Sets Timeline

🏦 Ex-Credit Suisse Executive Launches Crypto Trading Platform for Banks

🤳 Solana Phone Sales Skyrocket as Degens Scramble for Pumped-Up BONK

Ledger is the latest crypto project to suffer a malicious exploit, just one day after OKX Dex suffered a similar fate.

Ledger CEO and Chairman Pascal Gauthier has revealed that a security breach occurred due to a former employee falling victim to a phishing scam. Exploiting this vulnerability, the attacker uploaded a malicious update onto Ledger Connect's GitHub repository. Consequently, several Web3 applications unknowingly upgraded to this tainted version, inadvertently distributing the malicious code to their users' web browsers. This breach resulted in the attacker getting away with an estimated $484,000.

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has clarified the timeline for its impending ban on Binance.

During a panel discussion held on Dec. 13, Kelvin Lee, the head of the Philippines SEC, disclosed that the ban on Binance, initially issued as an advisory on Nov. 28, will officially be enforced three months from the date of the advisory's issuance. This announcement follows a period of considerable confusion and speculation regarding the regulatory actions against Binance, which has faced serious allegations of operating without the necessary licensing in the Philippines.

The platform has started trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum and already has seven clients in its portfolio.

According to a Bloomberg report, Rulematch is exclusively catering to financial institutions with its cryptocurrency trading platform. However, Rulematch's executives have expressed their intentions to further expand their client base in regions like Europe, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Additionally, the report highlights that Rulematch is actively raising funds in an ongoing funding round, following a successful previous round where it secured $14 million from notable investors like ConsenSys Mesh, Flow Traders, and FiveT Fintech.

Meme coin hopefuls have been eagerly purchasing Solana's crypto phone after a recent surge in the price of the Solana meme coin BONK.

Since the launch of the Solana phone on May 8 of this year, new owners have been able to claim a complimentary 30 million airdrop of the meme coin, BONK. Solana co-founder Raj Gokal announced in a Dec. 15 post on X that Solana phone sales have increased by more than tenfold in just the past 48 hours, indicating that they are on track to be sold out before the start of the new year.


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