Crypto leaves its mark around the globe

Token transfers by FTX and Alameda turned a few heads in the crypto community. Meanwhile, BTC's price hit a new all-time high in Argentine, Nigeria, and Turkey.

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⬆️ Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High Across Argentina, Nigeria, and Turkey

💲MEME Hits $10M in Presale in 42 Minutes, Crypto Expert Praises Devs

👁️ Former SEC Chair Is Confident That a BTC ETF Will Get Approved Soon

💸Crypto Assets Worth $59 Million Transferred by FTX & Alameda Amid Legal Battles

Bitcoin (BTC) has reached record-breaking highs against some of the world’s most inflationary fiat currencies.

Over the course of 30 hours spanning from 23 October to 24 October, the purchasing price of a single Bitcoin surged to record high levels when measured in the Argentine peso, Nigerian naira, Turkish lira, Laotian kip, and the Egyptian pound. It is, however, important to note that BTC’s price increase in these countries was primarily attributed to the continuous devaluation of these fiat currencies, which has been further intensified by BTC’s recent 16% price increase.

Cygar, a software engineer and cryptocurrency expert praised the Memeland team after the project raised $10 million in its presale for their token, MEME.

Cygar also stated that MEME’s “contract is quite solid”, reducing storage writes and utilizing calldata for input, thereby emphasizing its reliability. MEME’s sale will continue until Friday, even though all of the tokens have already been sold. Individuals who were previously on a waiting list will be given the opportunity to stock up on the coveted MEME tokens.

During a recent interview with CNBC, former SEC Chair Jay Clayton expressed his strong belief that an approval for a Bitcoin ETF is on the horizon.

Clayton’s perspective is in harmony with some of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, where Bitcoin has seen a notable increase in its price, surpassing the $35,000 mark. The market leader’s price was likely propelled by the submission of numerous ETF applications by prominent companies such as Fidelity and BlackRock.

The timing of these transfers has left the cryptocurrency community pondering whether they are linked to the ongoing legal dispute and a potential intention to sell off assets.

It is also worth noting that eight addresses linked to FTX and Alameda, which have recently sold assets, collectively hold an estimated $619 million. Among these holdings are significant quantities of ETH, FTT, WLD, and MATIC tokens. In the meantime, Sam Bankman-Fried finds himself entangled in a complex legal situation, confronting a total of seven charges, which include allegations of fraud and involvement in money laundering.


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