Bitcoin ETFs Snap Up $654M in 3 Days!

Investors have sent over $650M into spot Bitcoin ETFs over the last three trading days.

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  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs Buy Up $654M of BTC in 3 Days

  • Circle Launches Euro-Backed EURC on Base, Enabling Layer-2 Forex Trades

  • TAC & Polygon Team Up to Bring EVM Functionality to TON Ecosystem

  • Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Clears Debt, Plans Operational Upsurge

Bitcoin investors have sent over $650 million into United States-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs over the last three trading days.

  • On Jul. 9, the total net inflows for 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US amounted to $216.4 million, which is equivalent to 3,760 Bitcoin.

  • BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust and Fidelity's Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund led the inflows with $121 million and $91 million, respectively.

  • Over the past three trading days, spot Bitcoin ETFs saw a cumulative inflow of $654 million, with $294.8 million on Jul. 8, and $143.1 million on Jul. 5.

EURC was previously only available in native form on Avalanche, Ethereum, Solana, and Stellar. 

  • The addition of Base marks the first time that EURC has become available on an Ethereum layer-2. Previously, layer-2s could only use a derivative form of EURC backed by versions that existed on other networks.

  • According to Circle, this new version will make it easier for e-commerce applications to facilitate trade globally.

  • Both EURC and USDC on Base are the first stablecoins from a global issuer to comply with the new Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation.

The TON Application Chain (TAC) and Polygon Labs teamed up to integrate Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) functionality into the TON ecosystem.

  • The integration will expand the range of applications available to the TON Network’s users, including decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and identity solutions.

  • TAC CEO Pavel Altukhov explained that EVM compatibility removes barriers to using the TON Network.

  • Currently, EVM applications are not available on the TON network, which requires users to navigate complicated user experiences.

Bitcoin miner TeraWulf announced Monday that it paid off its remaining debt early.

  • TeraWulf is converting its mining infrastructure into high-powered data centers to support advancements in artificial intelligence.

  • After paying off its $77.5 million loan, TeraWulf now plans to increase its operational capacity from 210 megawatts to 295 megawatts this year.

  • TeraWulf and Core Scientific have thrived by transitioning to AI hosting, while major miners Marathon Digital and Riot Blockchain have experienced stock declines due to profitability concerns.



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