The new BlackRock Bitcoin ETF is a fake news

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The cryptocurrency market experienced significant turmoil as Bitcoin's price plunged by 8%, going below the $27,000 mark due to misinformation concerning the iShares Bitcoin ETF approval.

The confusion arose after a Reuters headline mistakenly reported that the SEC had approved BlackRock's ETF application. However, BlackRock promptly refuted these claims. CoinTelegraph faced backlash for not verifying the news and later amended their claim. Meanwhile, a CoinShares report indicates Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP) as top choices for traditional investors, with certain altcoins facing challenges in the current market dynamics.

Cybercriminals are exploiting a new method of targeting vulnerabilities in WordPress to disseminate malicious code.

Cybersecurity research firm Guardio identified this novel technique as part of the evolving "ClearFake" campaign. This campaign compromises WordPress sites by exploiting weak plugins, outdated CMS versions, or stolen credentials. Attackers subsequently manipulate these websites to distribute malware through fake browser update prompts. The use of the Binance Smart Chain makes tracking these attackers challenging, emphasizing the importance of securing WordPress sites.

Cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez predicts that Dogecoin could potentially reach the $1 mark based on its current pattern.

Dogecoin's co-founder humorously commented on Ferrari's decision to accept cryptocurrencies for its luxury vehicles, suggesting a potential inclusion of DOGE in the future due to Ferrari's collaboration with BitPay. Popular singer Taylor Swift also revealed that her Eras Tour movie tickets can be purchased with digital currencies, showcasing the broadening acceptance of cryptocurrencies in multiple sectors.

BC Technology Group Ltd. is considering selling its licensed crypto platform OSL due to declining market conditions and weakened digital asset trading volume in Hong Kong.

OSL offers services such as prime brokerage and exchange for cryptocurrencies while operating under Hong Kong's strict digital-asset regulations. The exchange could be valued at around $HK1 billion ($128 million) with various industry stakeholders expressing interest. A scandal involving the unlicensed JPEX exchange has further impacted the sector's reputation. In response, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and the Hong Kong Police Force have established a task force to monitor and investigate illicit activities in crypto exchanges.

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