Binance is Drowning in a "Compliance Tsunami"

Increased regulatory pressure is raising doubts about Binance's future in its current state

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🌊 Binance Drowning Under “Compliance Tsunami”, Says SEC Official

⬆️ Cardano Climbs into Defi’s Top 10 with a Surge in Total Value Locked

🎁 Tether Introduces New Initiative To Promote Stablecoin Adoption

💧 Crypto Exchange HTX Sees Outflows Top $258M Following Exploit

Binance is facing major regulatory challenges after the release of unsealed documents by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

SEC official John Reed Stark's analysis of recently unsealed documents on social media pointed towards a potential crisis for Binance. Stark characterized the DOJ's recent actions, calling it a "compliance tsunami" for Binance, which signals a substantial shift in cryptocurrency regulation. The imposed compliance commitments set a precedent for increased government oversight in the crypto space, marking the beginning of a new era in how cryptocurrency firms are regulated and raising doubts about Binance's future in its current state.

Cardano (ADA) earned a spot amongst the top 10 DeFi tokens by Total Value Locked (TVL) after reaching $343 million.

In addition to Cardano’s breakthrough in the DeFi sector by entering the top 10 in TVL, ADA also recently experienced an impressive surge in both its price and trading volume, marking its most active period since June of 2022. According to analytics firm Santiment, ADA recently reached a peak price of $0.633, a level not seen in over a year.

Tether announced an initiative on Dec. 9 and claims that it is designed to protect the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tether has introduced a new policy aimed at creating a secure and dependable environment for its users worldwide. Under this policy, Tether is extending the sanctions controls it already enforces for wallets on its platform to the secondary market. This move is seen as a proactive step by the company to strengthen its collaboration with global regulators and prevent the potential misuse of its native tokens. By implementing these measures, Tether ultimately plans to enhance security and foster a more responsible and compliant crypto ecosystem.

Following a $30 million exploit in November, the crypto exchange HTX, associated with Justin Sun, experienced massive outflows topping $258 million.

Between Nov. 25, when HTX resumed its services, and Dec. 10, the exchange witnessed significant net outflows totaling $258 million, as reported by DefiLlama. Additionally, in just the past two months, HTX and other entities affiliated with Justin Sun, including Poloniex crypto exchange and the HTX Eco Chain (HECO) bridge, have fallen victim to four separate hacking incidents. The first of these hacks occurred less than two weeks after Huobi rebranded itself as HTX, resulting in an unknown attacker making off with almost $8 million in cryptocurrency on Sept. 24, 2023.


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