Asset Tokenization to Hit $2 Trillion by 2030!

In a bullish scenario, analysts predict that this value could double to around $4 trillion.

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  • Asset Tokenization to Reach $2T by 2030 Despite ‘Cold Start’ - McKinsey

  • Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood Endorses Trump, Cites Economic Record

  • Michael Saylor Predicts $10 Million Bitcoin and Global Adoption

  • Ether Could Plummet to $2,400 Following Launch of Spot Ether ETFs, Warns Crypto VC Founder

Tokenized financial assets have had a bit of a “cold start” but they are on track to reach a market size of about $2 trillion by 2030.

  • According to analysts at consulting firm McKinsey & Company, in a bullish scenario, this value could double to around $4 trillion.

  • Despite visible momentum, the broad adoption of tokenization is still distant because of the challenges faced in modernizing existing financial infrastructure, particularly in the heavily regulated financial services industry.

  • The analysts also pointed out that early adopters of tokenization could gain a majority market share, which could later allow them to influence standards.

Cathie Wood recently announced her intention to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

  • According to Wood, she based her decision on who she will be voting for on economic reasons.

  • Wood specifically mentioned the economic performance of the U.S. during the first three years of Trump's presidency, and even called it the best in U.S. economic history.

  • Trump recently voiced his acceptance of cryptocurrency, which suggests that there is a potential alignment between his economic policies and the interests of the crypto community.

Saylor predicted that BTC's price will soar to $10 million per coin and that China might eventually adopt Bitcoin on a national scale.

  • In a recent podcast, Michael Saylor called traditional economics pseudoscience, and described it as a quasi-religious liberal art filled with biases.

  • Saylor believes Bitcoin has the potential to render traditional financial instruments obsolete and can extend the average life expectancy of corporations beyond the current 10 year average.

  • Saylor also predicted that a single Bitcoin could eventually be worth $10 million, based on its superior monetary properties and its potential to revolutionize the global financial system.

The price of ETH could experience a more than 30% drop after the launch of Spot ETH ETFs.

  • Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital pointed out that ETH attracts less institutional interest than Bitcoin and has limited incentives for converting spot Ether into ETF form.

  • Kang suggested that if his prediction holds, it would be a big setback for ETH, which reached a price of more than $4,000 during Bitcoin's all-time high earlier this year.

  • Kang expects spot Ether ETFs to only attract around 15% of the flows seen by spot Bitcoin ETFs.



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