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  • Arthur Hayes Has High Expectations For Solana Post-FTX Collapse!

Arthur Hayes Has High Expectations For Solana Post-FTX Collapse!

Hopes are up for a SOL price rise as Hayes' previous bullish sentiments influenced a positive price trend.

Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Arthur Hayes Foresees Bright Future for Solana Post-FTX Collapse

  • Binance Freezes $4.2 Million in XRP to Aid Ripple Recover Stolen Funds

  • Three Charged in Connection with $400 Million FTX Crypto Heist

  • Testing ‘Went Very Well’ - ETH Devs to Set Dencun Hard Fork Date on Feb. 8

Arthur Hayes shared in an X post that he is extremely bullish on Solana, and sees great potential in the altcoin now that most of the FTX drama has passed.

  • Arthur Hayes expressed a strong belief in the potential for Solana (SOL) to recover and grow after the FTX collapse.

  • He even recommended investing in SOL in a post on X. Hayes is known to have a track record of accurate cryptocurrency market predictions.

  • Hayes' previous positive remarks on Solana were followed by a price increase, which could suggest that his latest statements may also influence a positive trend for the altcoin.

Binance halted transactions for $4.2 million in XRP funds after discovering they were stolen from accounts owned by Chris Larsen in a recent hack.

  • ZachXBT first reported the major XRP theft, initially suggesting an attack on the Ripple ecosystem, involving around 213 million XRP valued at $112.5 million.

  • Chris Larsen later clarified that the theft was due to "unauthorized access" to his personal accounts, not a compromise of Ripple's wallets.

  • Binance is known for helping troubled ecosystems, and previously assisted Norwegian authorities in recovering $6 million from the Ronin network heist in February of 2023.

Crime is still running rampant in the crypto industry, with SIM-swap attacks, deep fake videos, and wallet drainers wreaking havoc on victims.

  • United States prosecutors charged Robert Powell, Carter Rohn, and Emily Hernandez with executing SIM-swap attacks during the $400 million FTX hack in 2022.

  • The accused manipulated telecom providers to transfer victims' phone numbers to devices they controlled.

  • Meanwhile, Cybersecurity firm Cybertrace warned people about a deep fake video of Australian mining tycoon Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest promoting a fake crypto trading platform.

If the Dencun upgrade is implemented successfully, it will improve scalability and considerably lower the transaction fees on layer-2 solutions.

  • Ethereum developers plan to set a mainnet launch date for the Dencun upgrade on Thursday, Feb. 8.

  • The upgrade will bring major changes to Ethereum's consensus and execution layers, with the goal of enhancing the network's efficiency.

  • Christine Kim from Galaxy Digital estimates an 80% chance of the Dencun upgrade going live by the end of March, with a 40% chance of activation by the end of February.



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